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National Express, Inc. is an independently owned direct response company focusing on bringing products directly to consumers via Television, Internet, Print, Mail Order, and Retail. Founded in 1981, it is one of the oldest and most respected companies in the direct response industry. National Express, Inc. has a long history of working closely with inventors, suppliers, and corporations, such as General Mills, DuPont, Singer Sewing Company, Homedics, Nathan's, Farberware, and Progressive Housewares.

Our expertise in direct response has led to many of the most successful campaigns in the history of direct response. These include:

Vidalia Chop Wizard Betty Crocker Decorating Kit Betty Crocker Bake'n Fill
Sobakawa Cloud Pillow XHOSE Water Jet Power Washer
Tripledge Windshield Wipers Weed Terminator Steam Magic
Swirlon Car Washer Roto-7 Power Disc The Double Burner
ProCaulk Nathan's Stovetop Grill The Home Chest
The Ding King Singer Handy Stitch The Living Classics
GS-27 Singer Tiny Tailor The Dishwasher
Flight Traveler StackMate FarberSeal

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National Express, Inc. has the expertise and experience as well as the dedication to the consumer with unparalleled customer support that enables us to quickly and efficiently test and roll-out products.

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